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              Maddy Wants to Grow Up Now!

                            (  Arrived )

Maddy is a little girl who is fed up with being a little girl, and she wants to do everything her big sister does. Her parents spend the day explaining how much more fun it is to be a little girl.                        



                           Three Bedtimes 

               Ready For Bed Summer 2024 

It's Daddy's turn to put his three little girls to bed, and it proves daunting. Every time Daddy says, " It's Bedtime," they ask for five more minutes.


                          I'm Not Sleepy

                Wide Awake Fall of 2024 
It's little Kaleb's birthday, and he has no intentions of taking a nap. He doesn't want to miss all the fun and adventure. His little eye's begin to get heavy, but he fights to stay awake.   

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