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                    Maddy’s Grumpa, Grumpa, Day 

Huge teardrops poured from Maddy’s brown eyes. Her sad face gazed through the school bus window as the gigantic raindrops splashed against it.  Her unusual school day had finally come to an end. The red lights flashed and the yellow bus came to a full stop, before the doors completely opened Maddy squeezed through darting into her mother’s outstretched arms. “Hello, sweetie.” said her mother, kissing Maddy’s wet cheeks.  “Why are your eyes raining?” her mother asked. Maddy frowned, “Because everyone in school was grumpy and mean to me, no one was nice.”  mpy and mean to me today. No one was nice."


                             Maddys Wants to GROW UP Now!

This charming children's story is about Maddy, a little girl who suddenly becomes very eager to do everything her older sister does. Maddy gets upset when she discovers that she is not allowed to wear lip-gloss or paint her nails like her older sister. She cries and pouts, no longer wanting to be a little girl, but wanting to grow up immediately. Mommy, Daddy, and Hershey (the family dog) come to her rescue to wipe her tears away. Mommy and Daddy spend the day with Maddy and help her understand how special it is to be a little girl. Maddy's eyes sparkle with delight when she learns that only little girls can get as much ice cream as they want.

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